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Crab Farming

Posted: 06 Mar 2011 07:08 AM PST

1raise crabs 01 Crab Farming

Crab fishery is one commodity that needs to get attention, because besides the price is quite expensive in local market, also provides opportunities for the export market.

But there are obstacles faced by traders crabs that there are requirements that must be met for crabs sold in the market with high prices. Requirements for good behavior crabs are:

  1. Crabs that have been cooked eggs (this criterion is the crabs that have a high enough price.)
  2. Crab fat (this criterion is lower price compared with a mature egg).

In line with the above, it is necessary for crabs would be held businesses that are marketed have the desired criteria of the consumer.

One of the most appropriate business today is the cultivation of crab fattening. The period needed for cultivation is quite 1-3 weeks can be harvested with selective manner.


Crab farming methods there are several ways such as:

  • With a stretch of pond, size of 5000 m2. At 5 ekor/m3 stocking, but to look for seedlings that amount to thousands at once is not possible. Generally done gradually spreading seeds and how to selectively harvest as well.
  • With a system of bamboo cages. Length 2.5 m, width 2 m and height 1.75 m. Density 25-30 ekor/m3. Karamba is installed in the river channel that is not too swift, for example in the estuary. Installation is done so 1 / 4 part water.


1. Site Selection
As with other aquaculture business, the cultivation of these crabs also need location requirements that must be met. This is so that dreams can achieve success. Terms of crab farms, among others:

  • The flow of the river without rapids
  • Many mangrove trees or fires
  • The depth of not more than 75 cm
  • Sources of water available throughout the year
  • Levels of salt between 15-30 ‰
  • The temperature varies between 24 – 32oC
  • PH between 7.0 to 8.5
  • The water is not contaminated with toxic waste

2. Getting Seeds
The success of a well supported aquaculture farming techniques that are reliable, the availability of seeds is also very crucial. For crab fattening farming is no way to get seeds are: The fishermen sell to middlemen, who then by middlemen selected in accordance with a predetermined size, to measure the consumption of the farmers sold directly to farmers. Usually the size of crab seedlings varied between 100 – 200 gr.

3. Feeding
Crabs, including animal carnivores (meat eaters). Feed ingredients for crab is easy to obtain. Crab feed in the form of trash fish, snails, wideng. The food is done 2-3 times a day, ie morning, afternoon and evening. The feeding dose of between 5-15% of the estimated weight crabs that are kept.

4. Harvesting
Crab fattening maintenance period is relatively short or also depends on the initial stocking of seed. For seed size of 100 grams in a period of maintenance 1.5 – 2 moon was able to reach consumption size (3-4 larvae / kg). However, if the initial weight already has more than 200 grams, then the maintenance period could be shorter. Farmers harvest the crabs is done selectively in a way that separates it from crab fishing and a fat and ripe eggs. Crabs are cooked eggs have a higher price than others. Then crab legs tied with raffia rope or rubber and then put into the basket.

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