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Macodes Petola – Jewel Orchid

Posted: 08 Apr 2011 09:31 PM PDT

1orchid macoda petola 01 Macodes Petola   Jewel Orchid

Macodes petola (Blume) Lindl. Was first described by C.L. Blume as Neottia petola in 1825 based on the binomial naming system Rumphius ‘Folium petolatum’.

This plant is a Family Orchidaceae, with the genus name Macodes. From the Genus macodes there are seven species that spread from Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea to Vanuatu. This plant is found at an altitude of 100 to 800 meters above sea level, rain forest lembahan area partly covered with shadows of trees and plants growing on the former or the wet humus soil with good drainage.

Orchids are not like other orchids that enjoy the flowers but beautiful on the leaves. Species of this genus, along with other genera-genera that have colored leaves like Anoectochilus, Eucosia and Goodyera called “Jewel Orchids”. Can be seen that the little green leaves are dark purple, has a longitudinal veins of shiny gold-colored (inflorescence) and velvet-like surface.

This orchid requires high humidity, 50% or more. Media should be moist enough but that does not mean the media is too wet because it will arise due to bacteria and fungal problems and rot at the root. Bathroom with good air exchange and direct sunlight is not a good combination. If not place it near a window that can bring moisture from the outside. In the cup pot can be placed rocks to create a buffer so that the water coming out of the pot can be accommodated in the cup and then when teruapkan create humid conditions without fear of plant root rot. Do not allow the media to dry completely, it takes the media moist at all times. In relation to the needs of light, make sure that this orchid is not exposed to direct sunlight because it will burn the leaves.

2orchid macoda petola 02 Macodes Petola   Jewel Orchid

Kiaksara orchid is protected by the Indonesian Government Regulation No. 7 / 1999, dated January 27, 1999.

Synonyms Anoectochilus petola (Blume) Hereman 1868; Anoectochilus veitchianus Blume 1859; Argyrorchis javanica Blume 1859; Haemaria argyroneura Miq. 1864; Macodes argyroneura (Miq.) Rolfe 1896; Macodes javanica (Blume) Hook.f. 1889; Macodes robusta J.J.Sm. In 1921; * Neottia petola Bl in 1825; Rhomboda confusa Ormerod, 1995; Spiranthes petola (Blume) Hassk. 1844.

3orchid macoda petola 03 Macodes Petola   Jewel Orchid

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